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Old 21st August 2014
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My MegaThread for business and marketing,SEO courses and ebooks

Perry Marshall - Celebrity Expert Formula
English + [12 MP3,23 MP3,22 PDF,1 M4V,1 XLS,1 TXT] + 1.66 GB

Even though this has various copyright dates from 2007 to 2011, I was very impressed with a lot of the big picture analysis of what needs to happen in the customer's mind to treat you as a "Celebrity Know-It-All" and it includes nuts and bolts information what exactly to do get some of the results you will need for your credibility. Yes, there have been changes, but you need to understand the fundamentals. Perry puts out a good product and I liked this one a lot. NOTE: There is a folder marked "Perry Marshall & Rob Northrup - How to Get Free Publicity in Trade Magazines" which was empty. I put a placeholder text file there to say so. Also, an important component is what he calls the JPDK Model lwhich stands for Jeff Paul and Dan Kennedy. Jeff was one of Dan's most successful students. I have included the Jeff Paul 43 page sales letter (Make $4,000 a day at your kitchen table in your underwear") and a discussion by Perry about the model. Definitely worth checking out. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Here's part of the pitch:

Dear Online Marketing Professional:

If you earn your bread by winning over skeptical customers in a hyperspeed, competitive marketplace, then these 10 things are definitely on your HATE LIST:

1. You hate it when you need to close a sale - because you can't walk away from stinky business deals. Time-vampire customers suck your brains out and devour your soul like fried chicken.

2. You hate competing on price. Shaving pennies with bargain hunters with no regard quality, sucks. Being the lowest bidder. Last week you took an order at some ridiculous cut-throat price. You said to yourself, "I'm going to pay for this." Actually all you did was push your cash flow woes into next month - knowing it'll be worse then than it is now. You pray some 'bluebird' sale comes through later to patch up your cash flow.

3. You hate it when having a superior product effectively works against you. People get overwhelmed by the choices and they're not sure who to believe. They pick the guy that tells them some happy-happy-joy-joy story. Unfortunately, the guy they picked wasn't you.

4. You hate it when people choose some big dumb company over you just because "nobody ever got fired for buying IBM." You work your ass off for your customers and the Big Dumb Company's service is mediocre and their products stink. They get the business anyway. Ain't it great?

5. Prospects assume you can't deliver the goods… a competitor you know is inferior, they think is superior. The customer goes with your rival. You helplessly watch the sale evaporate. Six months later the customer calls you & tells you their project is an unmitigated disaster. The customer is livid, but it's too late to re-start the project and pick YOU.

6. You hate it when a hot prospective customer Googles your company and finds some moaner on a discussion forum (you bent over backwards to solve her problem but she slammed you anyway) - and you lose business. They know nothing about the hundreds, even thousands of satisfied customers you serve.

7. You hate sending emails that go into black holes; making phone calls that get blocked by gatekeepers, mailing big fancy packages to potential JV partners and getting silence; doing JV's with pond-scum promoters who couldn't find their way out of a paper bag; product launch attempts that go nowhere for lack of cooperation; begging for links from other websites, getting the scraps.

8. You hate that when your Google traffic stops, your business stops. You wish you had some kind of air cover, some kind of "Good Karma" that would rain customers on you even when you're not paying through the nose for clicks.

9. You hate angling for slots as a conference speaker and standing in line for thin rations of your customers' time. You hate making repeat phone calls to prospects to "follow up"; you hate feeling needy.

10. You hate it when people automatically believe your competition instead of you - because they've got more magazine articles, more links, more testimonials, more visibility, more STREET CRED.

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Old 21st August 2014
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Writing Web Copy That Sells Price BY Maria Veloso**** $297
English + MP4 + MP3 + PDF + 620 MB

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Old 21st August 2014
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Entheos Academy (VA) - Upgrade Your Productivity with Abel James (2014)
English + [12 videos..(MP4)] + 3.52 GB

Join Abel James, from the Fat Burning Man, as he explores how we can improve our health and increase our bodies productivity. This conference is your ticket to Abel's conversations with 15+ of the world leading thinkers in the fields of medicine, fitness training, business and psychology. It's practical advice that will help you reach your fullest potential.
The Experts

Learn more about each speaker and their session!

How to be a Content Production Machine
with John Dumas

John Dumas is an international artist, musician, shamanic astrologer and pioneer in sound healing who developed the unique sound therapy/healing ceremony called "Shamanic Journey Into Dreamtime."Designing a Life Rather Than Just Living One,

The Ability to Say "No," and Matching Energy Levels
with Dean Dwyer

Dean Dwyer is the author of the book, Make Shift Happen. A former educator, he now spends his time teaching others how to make shift happen in their own lives to change how they look, work and live.

The Day Triage Process, Embracing The Moment, and Tapping Into The Flow of Life
with Pedram Shojai

Pedram Shojai is a former Taoist monk, world renowned author, filmmaker and lecturer. He is a reputable Doctor of Oriental Medicine known for his down to earth approach to stress management.

The Art of Simplification, The Power of Focused Consistency, and Developing The Right System
with James Clear

James Clear is an entrepreneur, weightlifter, travel photographer and blogger. He shares fresh ideas on how to live a healthy life, both mentally and physically using behavior science.

The Problem With Overachievement, Your Relationship to Stress, and How to Get Into The Flow State
with Sara Gottfried, MD
Sara Gottfried, MD, is a Harvard-educated physician, speaker and author of the NYT bestselling book, The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality with The Gottfried Protocol.

The Breakthrough to Break Free, How Everything is Connected, and Recommended Productivity Tools
with Michel Fortin

Michel Fortin is a copywriter, marketer, and consultant. He is co-founder of The Licorice Group, a training and publishing company, with his wife Sylvie. He's also an author, speaker, and WordPress geek.

Start Living By Design (Not Default), Give Your Mind The Ability to Create, and Up Your Game
with Jonathan Bailor

Jonathan Bailor is a nutrition and exercise researcher, author, and speaker who specializes in using high-quality food and exercise to simplify health and fitness. He is the author of The Calorie Myth (2013).

How to Upgrade your Brain and Body
with Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey is a computer security expert and entrepreneur who spent 15 years hacking his own biology. He upgraded his IQ by >20pts., lowered his biological age, and lost 100 lbs without using calories or exercise.

Earning a "PhD" in How to Live, Setting Aggressive Goals, and Consistency Over Intensity
with Brian Johnson

50% Philosopher + 50% CEO. Brian is 100% committed to helping people optimize their lives so we can change the world together. He created en*theos + PhilosophersNotes + Optimal Living 101 + Zaadz + eteamz.

How to Create a Powerful Morning Ritual and the 5 Minute Journal
with UJ Ramdas

UJ Ramdas is the co-creator of The Five Minute Journal and co-founder Intelligent Change where he creates cool products that make people happier. He's passionate about bringing together practical psychology and business to create a better world. With a background in Behavioral science, Marketing and Hypnosis, he's consulted with (several hundred)...

Boost Productivity Using Technology, The Process of Outsourcing, and The Anti-Todo List
with Ari Meisel

In 2006, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Chron's is an incurable inflammatory disease of the digestive tract. My case was severe, and required over a dozen daily medications and several hospital visits. After reaching a personal low point in hospital, I de...

Embracing the Madness, The Power of Automation, and Don't Manage Your Calendar Yourself
with Ryan Lee

Ryan is the author of 2 books, The Millionaire Workout and Passion to Profits. His live sell-out events have become legendary including the Continuity Summit and DotComXpo. He has also contributed to the NY Times Best-Selling Series The Worst Case Scenario Business Survival Guide and has been featured in dozens of books including Moonlighting on ...

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Old 21st August 2014
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Survey Funnel Formula By Ryan Levesque & Todd Brown
English + MP4 + PDF + MP3 +4.48 GB


< image >

And here's the link to join the webinar where I'll be revealing this system:

Now, I don't really do many webinars like this, but last time I did this training, we maxed out the number of available spots on the webinar...

And I think you'll really like what I'm going to show you...

Because on Thursday (tomorrow), I'm going to 'pull back the curtain'...

And show you the slightly-unusual funnel that I've been quietly using with a handful of 7 and 8 figure businesses…

The SAME step-by-step system I've replicated across 17 different (non-IM) markets that's generated over 2.8 million leads and 175K buyers on auto-pilot in the past 23 months alone...

In markets ranging from Golf and Tennis to Business Funding and Memory Improvement...

Giving you had the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes, and see how this funnel formula works, step-by-step - so you can copy it, and use it in YOUR business...

Sound like something you might be interested in?

Here's what you'll learn on the call:

This "secret" conversion funnel that I developed...

It's called the "Survey Funnel Formula"... -

The funnel that I implement with 7 and 8 figure companies who quietly bring me through the back door and pay me $50-175K/year to take their business to the next level...

Businesses like...
The #1 Golf Instruction site in the world
The #1 Tennis Instruction site in the world
The #2 Satellite TV provider in the US
The #3 Business Funding provider in the US
The #1 Alkaline Health company in the UK and Australia

As well as companies like Boardroom Inc., Agora Financial, and Pimsleur Approach who call to pick my brain every single week…

I have revealed parts of this funnel in the quarterly high-level private $10K/person mastermind I run with Andre Chaperon...

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Old 21st August 2014
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Aswath Damodaran (New York University) - Valuation Course (Spring 2014)
English + [25 m4v, 18 mp4, 144 pdf] + 7.97 GB

Course Description
Valuation is a key component of almost every aspect of business. If you run a business, you need to be able to not only assess its value but determine how your actions affect that value, in positive and negative ways. If you are planning on investing in a business or a publicly traded company, you have to estimate its value.

In this class, we will look at the tools that are available to value a business and different ways of estimate that value. We will begin by describing how all valuation models can be broadly categorized into three approaches. In intrinsic valuation, you value an asset or business based on its fundamentals (cash flows, growth and risk). In relative valuation, or pricing, you value an asset based upon how similar assets are priced. In contingent claim valuation, you attach a premium to some assets because they offer a payoff, if something happens.

We will spend the first 12 sessions of the class on intrinsic valuation (and its most common form, which is discounted cash flow valuation), delving into the mechanics of how to measure cash flows, estimate growth in the future and assess risk. In the process, we will look at (and value) a range of companies (small vs large, emerging vs developed, growth vs mature) and how the estimation process may have to be modified with each, while preserving first principles. At the end of these sessions, you should be able to estimate an intrinsic value for any publicly traded company, no matter how complex it is.

We will them move on to evaluate how to price assets (businesses), based upon how similar assets (businesses) are priced. In the process, we will look at all of the widely used multiples (PE ratio, EV to EBITDA, Book Value multiples, Revenues multiples) and how they can be used most effectively and why they are often misused. We will follow up by expanding our discussion to include both privately owned (often small) businesses and asset-based valuation approaches (liquidation, sum of the parts value).

In the next segment, we will look at the basis for the use of option pricing to value some assets/businesses. We will argue that the "real option" argument should be used selectively (natural resource companies, companies with patents), while providing practical ways in which we can estimate the option premium in these companies.

In the final segment, we look at two applications of valuation. The first is in acquisitions, and in particular, we look at how best to value control and synergy in mergers. The second is in value enhancement, where management or ownership of a business is trying to take the right actions to increase its value.

There is no required book for the class, but if you decide to get one of my books, the one that fits the best is Investment Valuation (3rd edition). You can also try my favorite, The Dark Side of Valuation, or if you are interested in the loose ends of valuation, Damodaran on Valuation. Finally, if you are budget constrained the Little Book on Valuation will do the trick.

It is an ambitious agenda but I promise you three things. One is that I will hold nothing back. I will try to pass on everything that I know about valuation and will not withhold secret sauces or ingredients. The second is that I will inundate you with multiple opportunities to try your hand at valuation, knowing fully well that you are busy and will not have the time to take advantage of all of them. I firmly believe that you learn valuation by doing and want to give you multiple shots at doing so. The third is that I will try to strip valuation of much of the mystique that practitioners and so-called experts have endowed it with, and allow you to look at its simple core.

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Old 21st August 2014
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Deepak Chopra with Adam Plack - The Soul of Healing Meditations
English + (Audio 8 MP3 + nfo) + 41 MB


Deepak Chopra teams with Australian new age musician Adam Plack on The Soul of Healing Meditations: A Simple Approach to Getting Younger, which features eight guided meditations set to gentle, world music-inspired instrumentals. The appropriately airy synth washes of "Breathing Meditation" lead into the rhythmic, tabla-driven "Heart Meditation" and soothing atmospheres of "Body Awareness."

Chopra alternates quieter breathing meditations with more mentally challenging, biorhythmic exercises for a completely relaxing and refreshing experience. "Envoking the Gods of Healing" and "Inviting the Spirit of Healing" feature particularly lovely, Indian-influenced instrumentals with hypnotic tablas and flutes; the album becomes increasingly world music-based until it culminates with "Ode of Solomon," which provides a sensual, reflective finale. With its extensive liner notes, which outline Chopra's philosophies about the gods and goddesses of healing, The Soul of Healing Meditation is a good way for meditation novices to explore this relaxing art.

Editorial Reviews

Featuring the soothing narration of Deepak Chopra over the trancelike music of Adam Plack, The Soul of Healing Meditations serves as an introduction to meditation for neophytes and as a more advanced tool to help overcome a physical ailment and/or emotional toxicity. That may make it sound like a digital elixir, but as Chopra says in his liner notes: "We like to tell our patients (at the Chopra Center for Well Being) that the body is the best pharmacy in the world and is capable of making wonder drugs." His message here is that one can naturally prevail over serious life challenges by becoming more attuned to one's body--by relaxing and filtering out the external world, focusing on and influencing internal sensations and biorhythms, and banishing negative thoughts and focusing on the positive aspects of life.

This CD is not meant as a cure-all for physical or emotional ills. Rather, it's a supplemental experience to other treatments or programs, and it shows how enlightening and empowering meditation can be when practiced properly. Its actual effects will depend upon the receptiveness of the listener. Plack's accompanying soundtrack ranges from delicate ambient tones to more active Indian music, appropriately serving the mood of each of the album's eight tracks. --Bryan Reesman

1 Breathing Meditation (7:08)
2 Heart Meditation (6:12)
3 Body Awareness (4:25)
4 Heart Sutra Meditation (10:07)
5 Envoking the Gods of Healing (7:41)
6 Inviting the Spirit of Healing (3:27)
7 Banishing Disease (2:41)
8 Ode of Solomon - Reza Derakhshani (3:56)

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Old 21st August 2014
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Ryan Deiss - The Machine - Module 1:4
WEPRip | Lang: English | MP4 | 850x480 | AVC, @ 1500 Kbps, 29.970 fps | 4.01 GB
Audio: AAC, 44100 Hz, stereo, 108 Kbps
Genre: Email Marketing


Ryan Deiss - The Machine - Module 1:4
WEPRip | Lang: English | MP4 | 850x480 | AVC, @ 1500 Kbps, 29.970 fps | 4.01 GB
Audio: AAC, 44100 Hz, stereo, 108 Kbps
Genre: Email Marketing

The Machine" by Ryan Deiss is simply about making money from your email list

Course Outline:

1. Introduction & Overview

2. Module 1 - Core Strategies

3. Module 2 - Indoctrination

4. Module 3 - Engagement

5. Module 4 - Segmentation

In a nutshell this is how The Machine works.

Step 1. You have to introduce yourself. Not just blast out offers. INDOCTRINATE
Step 2. Engage your list and get them to purchase. ENGAGE
Step 3. By following up with a well planned sequence you can get them to buy more. ASCEND
Step 4. Through a carefully crafted question or optin sequence you know what they WANT to buy. SEGMENT
Step 5. After someone has bought all they are going to at that time, or someone who hasn't responded to your emails for awhile, you want a way to bring them back. REENGAGE/WIN BACK

< image >

If you aren't using all five stages of the series you are making a big mistake that is costing you money.

After you have gotten a good grasp on how these stages work you will know where to put individual marketing email series that will create a new income stream. You don't always have to start at the beginning. It might be doing an Ascension Series is what will do the trick.

An important point to note however, your list has to initially be through the steps in order. For example they need to be indoctrinated before they will really be engaged enough to ascend and on it goes.

By following The Machine system you will be truly putting a purpose to your emailing sequence so you can move your customers to where they really are and prime them for the next buying steps. This way they will be more receptive and more responsive to "buy now" offers.

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Old 21st August 2014
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Whitelabel Millionaire Full Download| FULL RIP
English + MP4 + PDF + MP3 + 2.50 GB


In The Whitelabel Millionaire Full Download You Will Get

Core Video Training
27 Premium Products with Resale Rights

< image >

< image >

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Old 21st August 2014
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mrlink has many secret admirersmrlink has many secret admirers

VTC - Wireshark Course (2014)
English + [78 mp4] + 356 MB

During this Wireshark Course you will learn about the Wireshark Interface, its available menus and how to use this amazing application with ease. You will also learn some basic information about networking, the various layers and protocols used for todays networks allowing you to understand the information found within Wireshark but also to ensure that the basics needed to use Wireshark are covered. Later in the Course some examples of Wireshark capture will be reviewed as well an overview of the included applications that come bundled with Wireshark.

Author: Jamie Oates
Release Date: 2014-04-22
Duration: 3.26 hrs / 65 tutorials
Subject: Networking & Security

- Welcome
- Introduction(02:50)
- Course Outline(02:32)
- What is Wireshark(03:04)

- Information
- Wireshark usage(03:07)
- Who would use Wireshark(02:29)
- Why use Wireshark(03:09)

- Network Analysis and Sniffing
- Sniffed Data(02:22)
- How does it work(03:11)

- Network understanding
- OSI Model(03:04)
- Layer 1(03:12)
- Layer 2(05:06)
- Layer 3(03:29)
- Layer 4(04:28)
- Layer 5(03:13)
- Layer 6(02:27)
- Layer 7(04:03)
- IP, TCP(03:47)
- UDP, ICMP(03:16)
- Supported Protocols(01:58)

- Protocol disassembly
- DNS(02:54)
- NTP(02:05)
- HTTP(04:14)
- SMTP(04:26)

- Network Devices
- Hubs(02:26)
- Switches(03:29)
- Switch Killer pt.1(04:57)
- Switch Killer pt.2(03:07)
- Wireless pt.1(03:18)
- Wireless pt.2(03:17)

- Installation
- Wireshark Download(02:25)
- Installation(02:38)

- Wireshark Interface
- Welcome Screen(02:49)
- Capture Display(02:55)
- Packet List(01:38)
- Packet Display(02:34)
- Packet Bytes(03:25)

- Using Wireshark
- Wireshark in your Network(04:36)
- Network Troubleshooting(05:41)
- System Administration(04:23)
- System Security(03:47)

- Wireshark Optimization
- Link Speed(02:26)
- Wireshark Extras(02:57)
- System Optimization(02:51)

- Wireshark Menu
- File, Open, Save As, Print(03:37)
- Edit, Find, Set Time(03:59)
- View, Auto Scroll, Color Filters(03:51)
- Go to Packet(02:20)

- Wireshark Capture
- Capture Interface(02:28)
- Capture Options(03:29)
- Capture List(02:33)

- Wireshark Analysis
- Filter List(03:38)
- Protocols(01:54)
- Decode(03:45)
- Follow Stream(04:57)

- Wireshark Statistics
- Data Summary(04:06)
- Hierarchy(02:41)
- Stream Graph(04:18)

- Wireshark Tricks
- Name Resolution(02:02)
- Auto Capture(03:18)
- Remote Capture(04:11)
- Firewall Rules(02:17)

- Capturing Traffic
- Ethernet(01:34)
- Wireless Linux(03:48)
- Wireless Windows(02:59)

- Real World Captures
- Available Examples(01:17)
- DNS lookup(03:38)
- HTTP request(02:58)
- Skype, IRC(02:24)
- BitTorrent transfer(02:23)
- PPP handshake(01:42)
- Radius Auth(02:08)

- Supporting Tools
- TShark(03:26)
- EditCap(03:04)
- MergeCap(03:06)
- Text2pcap(03:02)

- Conclusion
- Wrap Up(03:06)
- Resources(03:21)

- Credits
- About the Author(01:57)

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