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LOGAN STORY : Set in 2029, the film begins at a time when mutants are on the verge of extinction, Charles Xavierís (Sir Patrick Stewart) school doesnít exist anymore and he along with Logan (Hugh Jackman) lead an austere life hiding near the Mexican border before getting embroiled in a life and death situation.

LOGAN REVIEW : After 17 years of playing one of the most popular characters in the X-Men franchise, Hugh Jackman (Wolverine/ Logan) naturally has a lot riding on his hunky shoulders in Logan ó the third and last installment in the solo Wolverine series. Donít expect to see the X-Men in all their glory because the characters have aged and been through the fires. Xavierís declining mental and physical health (heís in his 90s now) and Loganís ageing body almost make us feel sorry for the two characters. While Logan earns a living by driving a limousine, getting drunk and getting into fights, Xavier's disintegrating mind compels him to stay sedated in order to keep his colossal psychic powers under control. The film has a lot of gory scenes ó thereís plenty of bloodshed thanks to Loganís notorious adamantium claws ó so be prepared. But what shines through the action are the number of emotional moments between the lead characters, making it the most moving film of the franchise so far.

Debutant Laura Kinney/ X-23 (Dafne Keen) at 11, will give tough competition to other actresses her age. With skills and claws just like Loganís, the feisty youngster is being hunted down by a group of merciless troublemakers, whoíre led by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook). Logan and Xavier unwillingly become a part of the plan to save Laura and the trio embark on a dangerous adventure, which forms the crux of the film. Itís interesting to see how the relationship between the three characters plays out and how despite initial resistance from Logan, the trio become an unlikely family.

What makes the movie different from other superhero flicks is the way director James Mangold has dealt with the subject ó without hesitating to show his ageing superheroes go into battle while they fight their own inner demons. Also, the highlight of the film is Jackmanís compelling performance. He knows it is his swan song and he exits with a flourish ó an unforgettable end to a remarkable odyssey. You donít have to be a comic superhero fan to enjoy this movie ó watch it for the outstanding performances by Jackman, Stewart and Keen. This oneís a gripping finale to Wolverineís indomitable journey.


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