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Exclamation ❤ Should you give up your mobile? ❤ Rakshitha S ™

1. Increased Cheating at School
Using cell phones to cheat in exams has become a big issue in many schools in the US. Students are now able to text answers under their desks while at it. Since many of these devices are compatible with the internet, schoolchildren can sometimes even find the answers using a search engine on their phones. And if they are caught cheating, they can face serious consequences from the administration.

2. Expensive Price
Cellular phones, especially smartphones, are really expensive to purchase, and you must earn and save lots of money first before you can own one.

3. Heightened Level of Danger
Records reveal that texting while driving has already caused millions of deaths from traffic accidents each year. Included in this number are teenagers, who are contributing to an insane amount of accidents due to mobile devices. While some cellular phones have already been integrated with voice-navigation and hands-free capabilities, the threat from using these devices while driving is not totally removed, but just downplayed. When driving, we should just resist to text or call because this can cause our attention to slip from the road, from which outcomes can be devastating.

4. More E-Waste
Everybody wishes to have the newest, fastest and fanciest cell phone on the market, and manufacturers are happy to oblige. Damage and upgrades are making millions of cell phones obsolete each year. Now, here is the problem: Cell phone coatings are formulated with lead, and these devices’ lithium-ion batteries can explode if exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures, which are the usual conditions in landfills. Though electronic-waste recycling rates are improving, they are too slow to cope up with the issue.

5. Distraction
Especially among children, cell phones can be very distracting from more important events they should do, such as studying, doing homework or even crossing the street. Research shows that children are more likely to be hit by a vehicle if they are texting or talking on a cell phone while crossing the street. Since these gadgets can connect them to the internet easy, they would be taken away from their study or homework.

6. Too Much Convenience
Due to the high level of convenience, anyone can get a hold of you anywhere and anytime through mobile phones. Surely, there are certain times you do not want this, but people you know expect you to be reachable since you own such a device. This is true especially among teenagers who do not their parents to always call them while they are away.

7. Addiction
Accept it—we are addicted to our mobile phones, and the idea of leaving them at home or turning them off would give us instant anxiety. This is also due to the fact that making an actual voice phone call can make many of us nervous, so we would just prefer to converse in short text messages. And again, many people are obsessed with checking in on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media networks.

8. Sex Exploitation
Sending sexual messages or pictures to or sexting another person is also an issue for parents to consider before purchasing cell phones for their children. There are already many cases where adults and children are receiving messages that include explicit messages from people who have their numbers and choose to send them such messages.

9. The list goes on...

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nope. however, you should learn to use it better.

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❤ Should you give up your mobile? ❤ Rakshitha S ™

Yeah give it up if u are going to buy a new one. Use it to your advantage not to waste ur life. If u r thinking of cutting ur head off because u have bad headaches then ur intelligence is working against you and not for you. Isnt that disastrous?

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Originally Posted by bangali_babu View Post
nope. however, you should learn to use it better.
True. Most imp go easy on the earphones 24x7x365. U might go stone deaf by the time ur are 30ish 40ish.

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Hey, knife is for cutting hair, vegetables & skin.
So, giving it up?

Fire can warm your food, give you light & burn you too.
So, giving it up?

Make use for your happiness.

Each of your reasons(Cheating, Stalking, Money, Wastage....) existed prior to mobile phones.

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