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Old 24th October 2016
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Jenny was awake all night as she kept worrying about her interview next morning. Her life had gone off course during the last couple of years, but fate has give her a chance and she was going to take it with both hands. She kept turning on her hard bed and missed those old days and nights in her numerous bfs posh houses and soft beds. She gave up trying to sleep and stood up. She adjusted her night shorts and felt her long legs filed with sweat. She wanted to turn on the AC, but the thought of electricity bill stopped her hands. She had used the last credit card she had to buy some dresses for the new job, but first she had to get pass the interview and that worried her. She has no qualification required for the job, she has no job experience, if only working in a bar as a waitress would count, no referrals. Just one chance to impress this guy that she can do the job and work as a professional. She had her separate room while her mother and sister slept in the adjoining room. She didnt liked to share bed with her sister in this heat so she makes her to sleep with their mom. Her sister studied late nights and mom wakes up early, she hate both of their timings.

She removed her damped top and shirt on her bed and walked to the bathroom in her bra and panties. Inside her smelly small bathroom she started the shower and tried to get her mind refreshed. As cold water washed over her sweaty body she shivers instantly, somehow she unhooked her bra, removed her panties and gave her breasts and nipples some room to breathe. Her naked body stood there in the dark bathroom, washed away by cold water, the coldness of the water starts to make goosebumps on her skin. She started to move her hands all over herself washing away the tiredness and sweatiness of the night. Even the bath was not able to wash away her tension and that started to bum her out. She needed to keep her mind at peace.

To try to ease her mind Jenny hands moved between her legs and using her fingers she started to stroke her clit. Many times , whenever her mood is sour, this was her way to keep herself calm. Her fingers moving slowly up and down over her pink clit, as she placed her back on the wall to support herself. Her hands started to increase there speed as her left hand moved over her right breast and squeezed it tightly. The cold water has already started to turn her nipple erect. The nipples were getting awake and standing on there own. As her left hand again and again squeezed her right breast, her right hand middle finger left her wanting clit alone and broke between her now wet pussy lips, inserting themselves into them. Her fingers kept violating her pussy by ramming it up again and again. She can sense herself getting more excited as her pussy strats to enjoy the attack on her and starts to expand more. Her index finger joined in the fun too and she can feel her fingers getting more and more deep within her. Her left hand left her breasts alone and started to stroke her clit once again. The dual assault on her clit and pussy starts to send current all over her body making her vibrate with ecstasy and sexual need. She started to fantasize about her past life, her bfs buying her stuff, jewellery, dresses. She enjoying herself in there imported cars, exotic food, even the sex was good. Most of them were average in bed but she made them better.

In that dark small bathroom the only sound can be heard of running water , the sound of her fingers flapping inside her pussy and her naked ass rubbing with the wall behind her. Soon the sound of moaning joined them, her mouth turned into a big O , as her fingers move with speed and her fingers get covered more and more with her own fluids. her moans kept getting louder with every flick of finger over her pussy lips. Her ass kept rubbing with the wall behind her and her back also arched behind. Her body was all wet from water running down but her body was starting to heat up and sexual satisfaction started to fill her up. Suddenly she felt her vaginal walls contracting and a sudden rush of fire within her. Her fingers got pressed inside her and her hands moves over her face and hair trying to hold on to anything , then resting on her breast as she squeezed them tight while she feels the effect of an orgasm hitting her brain and body. A loud moan escapes her red juicy lips filling the bathroom, and her body atlast feels satisfied as she sits on the bathroom floor, water still running over her hair down to her face, running over her lips , down to her naked breasts and still erect nipples. It washes away her sexual liquids covering her hands and thighs. She then stood up and atlast turned down the tap in fear of running all the water empty. As she got out drying herself she can still smell of her liquids from her body but she had no time for another shower. Her mind was now relaxed and prepared for her interview. She took out her dress for the day. Her nipples were erect to there limit as she walks naked in her room.

She quickly got dressed along with her padded bra and matching black panties. She maked sure to keep the top button unbutton. Well she needed all the help she can. She took her documents file and walked out without any breakfast. Her mom and sister were still in their room as she walked to the local railway station. Going to south Mumbai was tough during morning rush hour. As she stood there in the woman reserved booth , she csn sense boys and men staring at her from the partition between the rail boxes. She liked it as this proved her preparation was showing results. Even the TC didn't checked her for ticket , which she didnt had. She got out at churchgate station and walked all the way to the main office building. She went to the restroom first, applying makeup and pushing her breasts and cleavage up. Then she went and sat outside akshay office . Within fre minutes she saw a tall man rushing towards her with outstretched hand and greeting her.

"Hi, you must be Jenny"

"Yeah. Hi, you must be Akshay"

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Old 27th October 2016
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Reviews and comments would be appreciated....

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Old 27th October 2016
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update ?

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Old 27th October 2016
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you are writing very well. keep it up

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Old 27th October 2016
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Facing some technical issues, but i'm sure you guys will love the next update, which will be posted soon. thanks for your comments

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Old 29th October 2016
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Aks was still waking up from his lusty dream about Ayesha when he shook hands with jenny, then for the first time he noticed jenny, and in an instant he was pulled back to reality by the beauty of the woman standing in front of her. According to Ayesha jenny was her poor friend who desperately needed a job. he was expecting a average looking desi woman, by the way Ayesha described her desperation.

But in front of him jenny stood in her formal outfit like a model posing for a photoshoot. He scanned her body in an instant and was amused by what he saw. Her slim figure was portrayed perfectly in that body fiting shirt and pants. Her long legs gave her a tall look, and her hips curves were hanging at all the right places. Her breast were squeezed together under that tight shirt and aks quickly recognized the hint of a padded bra holding them up. The upper button was left unbuttoned and her breasts made a deep valley between them going downwards hiding under the shirt. Aks who, at 5.11' stood taller than her , easily got the glimpse of her huge cleavage popping out if that shirt. Aks wondered if she wore that tight shirt intentionally or not. He can notice brushing of both breasts rubbing together as she stretched her hands to greet him. Aks was little taken aback by her beauty and specially her brown eyes. Well it should have been obvious that even that bitch Ayesha friends are hell sexy and hot like her. Jenny model figure was enough to make any man loose his control and aks was feeling his dick responding instantly as he can feel the bulge in his pants.

Jenny was trying to act as formal and business woman like as much she can. She was also taken aback by aks appearance. She didn't expected a Young man holding such a important post in such a big company. Her whole plan was set on charming up a old man. She just had to mile and show some skin and the manager will hire her for her looks. But instead of a old man stood a tall dusky man, with broad shoulders and muscular body. His body fitting shirt was showing off his tanned body behind thy shirt and pants. Jenny noticed him staring at her body and also pipping between her cleavage. That amused her as her plan was working. He may not be a old man but he was a man nonetheless, and she knew what man looks in a woman. She gave him her most seductive smile she can gather and her juicy red lips were another thing that turned aks cock a inch longer.

They both stood there holding each other hand staring at each other like holding a competition waiting to see which one gives up first.

"Hmmmmm" as Jenny tried to pull aks attention out of her body to her hand which he was holding like he's life dependent on it. She looked around and was kinda surprised to see an empty office space around them. She wondered if today was a free day in office.

"Oh sorry, please come in.." As aks opened his office door and let Jenny enter first, and as Jenny was already expecting his stare went straight to her tight round ass. Aks noticed that her ass was not as big as Ayesha but they had more oval curves and there own perfect shape. Her breasts were also smaller than Ayesha's but her tall figure gave her a different sexiness all together. Seeing her whole figure from her back was giving him a problem as he can see down that his prick was trying to poke out of his pants and anyone can easily make out that he has a turn on dick. He put a file over his crotch and walked round over the table to his chair, hoping Jenny won't notice it. Meanwhile , Jenny was trying to hide her giggling as any one can see that what aks was trying to hide. As his lower body was well hidden under the table aks started to start her interview.

"Please sit, sit. I like that you are on time."

"Thank you sir (sir is pronounced slowly and little seductively, as she takes the seat opposite to aks), I believe being punctual is of utmost importance "

"Yeah very right. You have a very nice ass..(fuck)... I mean way of thinking "

"Yeah, isn't this one of the most important requirement of being working for you"

"What, oh yeah, being punctual, yes. And being a woman will you be comfortable laying ....(what am I saying ).. I mean working under me"

"Well obviously sir. I'm comfortable in any position you put me in"

As Jenny doesn't remove her eyes from aks irritating face as she can see that the interview was going better than the plan. Aks Bites his lips as his dick was guiding his mouth as he was still imagining her ass which must be pressed in that little chair she was sitting upon. Jenny just gave up a little smile and looked the other way trying to act as she didn't heared him praising her ass. And talking about sex positions. Aks was getting more & more turned on by every answer she was giving. Imagining her laying under him. But this was not what he had in mind for this interview and he needed to do something.

"Will you excuse me please ....."

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Old 29th October 2016
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As aks got up and walked out of the office, forgetting that by doing so Jenny can again see his huge hard on bulging from his pants . He went straight to the floor bathroom and locked himself inside a cubicle. He sat on the pot and calmed himself down now. He has to get his dick in control as he took out his phone and started to look for some porn and stuff. Then he got a better idea and opened Ayesha's facebook profile. That bitch has made her profile public and he can see all her posted pictures. As he surfed through a huge collection of pics he came across a pic of Ayesha in her schools dress. He got what he wanted. He unzipped his trousers and felt relieved as his dick got room too grow. He started to stroke it slowly as he place the mobile on the shelf on the wall behind the pot. Watching Ayesha in that tight white shirt along with the black tie was giving him wild imagination. Ashe imagine her during her schools days , her short skirt showing her silky legs, her figure in school was enough to give any model run for her money. He starts to dream about him fucking her in her school classroom with both boys and girls staring them. She moaning loudly as he thrust her with his dick in her wet pussy. With every thrust her moans became louder and louder.

After stroking his dick for few minutes aks came hard like he had never came before. His whole body relaxed and he can feel a huge pressure being relieved from his brain. It was just like being hit by a doze of drugs . His cum got sprayed al over the pot. He never comes that easily but Ayesha was having this effect on his body, another thing that bitch has to pay for. He washed himself quickly and tidy up his clothes . As he washed his face in the sink he looked himself in the mirror and now with clear mind he was back on track. He reminded himself that he had a bigger target to hit than Jenny. He has to start executing his plan now, no room for error or senseless fun with her. He has to remind himself that if he wants revenge from Ayesha he has to control his instincts better. He again looked at the pic of Ayesha on his mobile and walked straight back to his office.
He stopped Rajesh, office peon, on way and whispered something in in his ear. He then took out a 100 rs note and opened his office door.

(Rajesh - office peon. If someone needs anything he's the man for it in office. Any girls number, any setting , everyone comes to Rajesh. Aks and Sooraj always kept him happy and he in return he serves them well)

As he entered his small cubicle he can see that she was sitting on the chair with her legs folded and surfing net on her phone. She seemed relax and at ease. Well time to change that.

"Well MISS JENNY, surfing personnel stuff during an interview is not a trait we look for an employee here"

Jenny got started by sudden emergence of aks and his stun voice behind her back. Her phone dropped from her hand and down on th and floor and she also stood up. She looked at him in surprise and then bent down to retrieve her phone back. This time aks had a great view of her ass as got a great view of her ass. He imagined that ass bend over his table and him pondering it from behind, but again his mind was going off course. He went to his chair and waited for her to settle down.

"Sorry sir, I was just checking your profile. Very nice pics you have"

"I think instead of me if you will search for our company policy you will know that this much makeup is not allowed in here"

Jenny was again taken aback by sudden change of aks tone and behaviour. She should better calm him down.

"Sorry sir, my mistake"

"if you say sorry this many times in 15 minutes , how can we trust you here"

"Sorry..... I mean not sorry..... no.... I mean"

"Now stop stammering and please give your profile file"

Jenny face fell down in an instant and with no choice at her disposal she passed her profile to aks table. She was thinking of not coming to this stage but don't know what has happened to this aks suddenly.
After going through her file aks soon realised that she's just an average graduate. No good job experience or any recommendation letters. No typing or computer programs done by her made her qualification for his secretary job impossible . Aks was searching for ways to put pressure on her and she has just given him the mother load. He didn't knew it would be that easy to her under her skin.

"What the hell is this? Are you here for a secretary job or a peon job? No experience , no recommendation , no work profile and so many grammatical mistakes. I won't hire you as a mail boy in my firm and you want me to hire you as my secretary"

"Sir,.... I can learn. I'm quick to learn."

"We are not here to teach buffoons "

"I can take a quick training course , "

"So come after you are literate enough "

"Maybe you can teach me personally sir "

As Jenny bends forward to show her desperation but also to drop some cleavage just in front of aks eyes. Aks stares at them as her breaths rub together from her bending forward and he smiled inside, as she was making her desperation visible now. Aks can see that Jenny was trying to hit on him like hungry animal begging for food . He was getting her where he needed her.

"So miss Ayesha think she can drop her stupid friends on me and I will hire you. I'm sorry but please leave my office"

"Sir , but"

"I said LEAVE"

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Old 29th October 2016
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As Jenny had no choice but to gather her stuff and walk out of aks office. Aks again got glimpse of that tight ass and sad face editing his office. He liked how easily Jenny showed her desperation , it was getting more easy than he thought.

Meanwhile Jenny was on verge of crying hard. She couldn't understand what net wrong. Aks was falling for his charms and suddenly he literally threw her out in minutes. Her eyes were getting watery and her hands were shaking . She pressed the loft button and stood there alone.

"Are madam what happened?"

She turned around and saw a peon standing behind her chewing something reddish in his mouth.

"Who are you?"

"You seem new here. No problem . Myself Rajesh. People come to me when they have a problem. But first time I'm coming to a problem , I mean to you. I saw you coming out of Akshay sir office crying. All good.?"

"It doesn't concern you"

As it was even hard for Jenny to speak after her humiliation.

"Well nothing concerns me ever, but I solve other people concerns easily . Rest is up to you "

"Ok ok, wait. Can you get me that secretary job position."

Rajesh grinned back at her .

"Well even I can't get my mother that job Mam. I don't give jobs. But yes I can give you advise how to get that job"

"And what's the guarantee and what's your price"

Jenny knew people like him done work for free.

"Well guarantee is 200% , but it depends on you. And price....(as he looks at Jenny body up and down) , that I'll take when you get the job. Now listen, Akshay sir is not thy easy to crack . I can see you're not qualified for the job, so you're at disadvantage Madam."

"Wow super advise, "

"Are madam listen first. So you have to give Akshay sir something he needs in exchange for job. If you can't do the job do something he needs. You give up easily who will hire you. You look like a smart person, I don't have to tell you what a guy like aks would need. He's a single bachelor, he just need some convincing love and gratitude from you. Show him that you will fight for your job, do whatever it needs but you will get it"

Jenny stood there and understood that the peon was right. He was so shocked that time that she didn't thought straight. She is not going to get the job on her work profile, but she has other traits. Her face lit up again as she made a plan in her mind.

"Thank you bhaiya"

She just turned and rushed back to aks office. She knocked and didn't waited for the answer to enter. Akshay was still sitting there where she left him, but had his legs on his table and seems like was expecting her to return. She got in and closed the door behind her.

"What do you want them miss Jenny?"

"Sir if you will give me one chance I can prove myself to you"

"This is not a fake reality show miss. You beg and get a life line. Please leave my office"

"No I won't"

As Jenny stepped forward and put her both hands across aks table. As she bends down he again got the glimpse of those juicy breasts he was dreaming about. He was in command so he had no worries to stare at them shamelessly.

"Oh so you really want to prove yourself. But how will you do that? You can't do the job ...."

"But I can do anything you want. You tell me and I'll do it"

Jenny in her desperation didn't realised that she was sounding like a street whore offering her to the person in front of her . But aks was not stupid to ignore that .

"Ok, so lets starts your interview again, and this time lets see if you're able to prove yourself to me or not. But remember one mistake and you're out "

Jenny steadied herself and took a long breath and was ready for the challenge ahead.

"How desperately you need this job?"

"Hmmmm.... well you can see I'm standing here even after you humiliated me so it's clear how desperate am I "

"Say I give you a task and ask you to not tell anybody. Not the directors, the owner or even Ayesha . Would you do that "

Jenny thought about it for some time . Is it a trick question? Or is he just toying ?

"Hmm, it would be unethical so I would have to tell the owner "

"Tannnnn.... wrong answer . Now leave "

"No no, I meant I won't tell anybody. Please this is not fair "

"Life is not fair dear Jenny . Ok I would give you another chance. But you have to be punished for every wrong answer now."

Jenny just nods her head in conformation . Aks smirked at her answers.

"So if I ask you to do something you will do it without questions and will not tell anybody. "

"Yes . Whatever you say will be my command"

"Nice. So ...... take off your shirt "


"You heard me. Take off your shirt right now"

"Are you fucking with me?"

"No not now, but you have 5 seconds to do it else you can leave"

Jenny couldn't believe with his demand. She was here for a job interview not for a slut interview. She can see from his expression that he was not kidding. Her whole body was shaking with anger and resentment . She was not expecting this from aks. Her first thought was to storm out of his office and call Ayesha . But she realised what will that do. It will be her words against aks. Who will believe her. Maybe Ayesha but who else . She knew that aks knows that too as she keeps smirking at her . Her hands were making a tight fist and she was stopping herself from jumping over him and punching him. It was a judgemental moment for her as she knew her life dependent on what she does next. She raised her hand as to point finger st him and shout. But when she raised her hands , they moved to her shirt button and unbuttoned the top 2-3 buttons. As her buttons got open, Her bra was now visible under her pink shirt. She was wearing pink padded bra that was making her breasts appear huge and giving a lot of cleavage.

"Go on I have a presentation to attend to"

Her hands moved again and unbuttoned all the buttons as her slim waistline was now visible. Her hourglass figure was waking aks dick again. He can feel the blood rushing down and making him aroused again. She removed her shirt and put it tidily on the chair in front . She moved her hands over her breasts and stomach trying to hide as much skin as possible.

"Nice. Very nice. Now next question. What are you? Bitch or a slut?"

"What...? This is not a question at all"

"I don't like to repeat myself again and again . Answer in one go"

"I'm..... I'm...... a bitch"

Jenny chose lesser of the 2 evils. She can never stand anybody calling her a slut.

"Nahhhhhh, you are a fucking slut and a whore . Who takes out cloth for a stranger when he asks you to . Another wrong answer. Now take off those pants ."

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Old 29th October 2016
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As aks bend forward and took Jenny shirt in his hands and started to smell it, taking in her smell from it.

"Please this is not ethical. Don't do this. Let me go, I don't want to play"

"No you started it you have to finish it. Remove your pants else go out like this" as aks puts Jenny shirt behind his head and layed over his chair.


Jenny tried to beg him but she can see that it was of no use. She looked around and can see that the office door was closed . There was nobody else other than her and aks. Maybe this was not that bad. If she played her cards right she may get all she needed. It wasn't like she has not roamed in a bikini in front of boys before. She tried to console herself that it would be the same as before . She was also starting to curse Ayesha for sending her to aks for this job. She was wondering if Ayesha was in it with him .

She unbuttoned her pants and slowly unzipped it as aks can get a hint of pink panties line poking under the pants. She slides the pants down and they fell in an instant . Her long legs were shining like pearls under aks office lights . She stepped out of those pants and slid them backward with her heels. Now her left hand was on her breasts and right hands over her crotch area trying to hide as much modesty she can under the circumstances.

Aks was now full aroused by her appearance . She standing there almost naked , and her perfect figure was making him hard to control himself from pushing her over the table and fucking her hard. But aks knew he had her cornered and was not going to let her loose so easily .

"The job offers 20000 salary. So is it worth stripping for just 20000/month miss Jenny. Tell me"

Jenny stood there with her face bend downwards and ashamed of her present situation . She was not able to meet aks eyes .

"I'm in need of a job badly. It's low but I need the job badly." Her body was shaking with chill in the office and can feel her nipples getting erect and poking out of her bra.

"Hmm, so what if I offer you an alternative Miss jenny. I can add , let's say another 10-15 grands in the salary, would that satisfy you"

"Yes , but what would you want from me in return. Sex?"

"Hahaha, you're smart. "

As aks stood up and walked around Jenny in circles. He was moving his fingers over her body , touching here and there and with every touch she squirmed like a trapped animal and closed her eyes. She then suddenly grabbed her hairs in a bunch and pinned her to the wall just near the office door.

"But not smart enough. "

As his left hand grabbed her hands above her face and his right hand grabbed her between her legs . His fingers moving through her thin panties fabric and running inside her pussy in an instant . Aks can feel that even in this Humiliating situation Jenny was kinda wet down there .

"Oh you enjoying this humiliation. You're really a slut . "

As he started to stroke his fingers up and down over her panties , rubbing her clit and slipping them in inside her wet vagina. Jenny had already given up any resistance as she knew any futile attempt will result her in paying more punishment from him. Aks body rubbing with her have her some warm was and the attack on her sex had started to make her moan.

"Ummm..... no...... please...I'll shout .."

"You saying no but your cunt is saying something else you slut. Today is office team building exercise day. No is on this floor now. The more you shout the more painful it will be bitch"

Aks had already timed his assault on Jenny well. But he didn't have much time as people will be coming back fast. As aks pushed her panties aside and now his fingers were directly inserted inside her wet cunt. Her pussy was fully expanded and was happily accepting aks singers inside it . For some time aks kept fingering her hard with his fingers and he is body rubbing over her naked body, then aks grabbed her hairs with his left hand and pushed her hard on the table. Her whole upper body was bent over the table with her breasts and face pressed over by aks hand. Aks had a good view of her naked ass

"Now be a good slut and raise your ass for me"

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Old 29th October 2016
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As he slapped her ass hard with his right hand. He liked how they wobbled in air as he slaps them again and again.

"Common slut fast"

Jenny whimpers in pain with every slap on her butt. But instead of painful shouts her mouth was letting out sounds of moaning . She was getting turned on by her punishments, she was feeling disgusted by her own behaviour. This man was abusing her in his office and she was kinda enjoying it. Maybe because for the last year she was so busy with managing the house , she didn't let herself go and all the bottled up feelings were over flowing rapidly. She herself couldn't believe in what was happening . In that moment out of reflex she stretched her knees and raised her ass more in air giving aks good view of her pink clit and wet cunt. Her hairs were held by aks in left hand and with right hand he unzipped his pants and took out his massive prick.

"Final question and you better be right miss Jenny. What's more important. Friendship or money"

"What..... ? Oh. Ummm...... friendship . You should always be a god and trustworthy friend "

"Oh Jenny Jenny Jenny. You're such a dumb slut."

Jenny can feel his big tip of his massive dick penetrating her from behind , inside her dripping cunt. Her body got stiff by the sudden invasion of aks inside her. But her pussy was so wet right now that it easily slides inside it without any resistance .

"Ahhhhhh....no....... ohhhhh..... it's big.... please...."

"Shut up slut. See what friendship got you into . If your friend Ayesha haven't suggested you this interview , you wouldn't have been face down on my table getting fucked like a street whore. Money is the answer to everything bitch. And you should of all the people should understand it. See yourself, begging me, striping down , for what? Few thousand bucks"

Aks was now stroking her pussy hard from behind her . His right hand holding her hair and arching her backwards, whole his left hand was moving all over her naked back and in between slapping that round ass. With every stroke Jenny body jerks forwards and rubs with the hard wood of the table , but her mind was taken over by the sexual senses and satisfaction that aks dick was providing her.

"If you will leave all this non sense and do what I say , like you're doing it right now, I make it your worth while. Forget about friendship , forget about royalty, the only thing that works in this world is money and power. Do what I say and you will get both."

Aks was now hammering her continuously as he keeps on telling her what he expects from her. His crotch was hitting her ass hard, his balls rubbing with her thighs and getting dropped in all the fluids flowing from her aroused cunt. Jenny was holding the table from both ends by her hands in the fear of falling over by such hard ramming .

"Please.... ohhh.... aks..... sir.... unmmm..... give me a chance and I'll ..... ohhhhh..... prove myself to ......eeeeeds..... you...."

Jenny realised that how much she missed getting fucked like this. Her nipples and breasts were grinding over the table and all the friction was heating up a fire inside her . Her lips were moaning louder and louder and hips were pushing back to aks crotch to happy only accept his dick inside her . But she also agreed with aks. Last few years in poverty had proved to her that without money nothing is possible. No power means you're always begging. This is what she wanted, no begging , no asking. She wanted control of her life and she can see that aks can give it to her. A guy who can so easily take over her body without any problem is not the person you should have quarrel with. She should prove to him that if he took her under his wing she would be useful.

Jenny suddenly stood up and pushed aks backward with her back. Aks hit the wall and stood there half naked with his dick erect looking straight at Jenny. Aks thought Jenny will try to run or shout , but instead she bent over her knees and took aks dick in her fists. She started to stroke it fast, while her lips took aks balls inside them and started to suck on them . Aks was surprised by the sudden change in Jenny but he was not going to question it. He was enjoying the view as Jenny took out her tongue and started to lick the base of aks dick and his balls. She was happy that aks unlike other Indian men had kept his crotch are well shaved. She moved her lips from the base to the tip, licking his shaft all the way. Her tongue reached his mushroom and started to lick the tip . She can see the tip vibrating with every touch of her tongue. She then took the tip into her mouth and sucked it hard . While her hand was still stroking the shaft slowly. After a while, playing with his tip, Jenny took the whole inside her mouth and felt that her mouth was small for this massive devil. She took it out in a second . But again she took it by adjusting it with her hand and can feel the thick dick rubbing with her cheeks hitting the back of her throats like a ram. Her head was now taking the dick in and out without stop. Her hairs were flying all over shoulders and face as she moved her hands on his balls and startled to juggle them in her left hand while her right hand moved over to aks exposed ass cheeks and pressed her nails deep over them . Aks was now the one moaning as Jenny's nails dogged deeper and his dick inserted in her mouth . He was holding head with one hand and by other was holding the gate knob for support . Jenny was now like a wild animal eating out her prey. Her lips were rubbing on his dick outer walls and her tongue was rolling all over the dick inside her mouth . He can hear the sound of her breasts dangling in air as she moved with such intensity . All that combined and Aks can felt that he was now again on the verge of cumming again in about half an hour.

He suddenly held Jenny head as his whole sex was inside her mouth and gagged her hard. Jenny let it happen for few seconds but when she tried to move her head backwards , aks held her tight . She couldn't do anything as she tried to fight back by punching and pushing wheels back. Aks can feel the sensation of his body getting tensed and transfixed . In that instant Jenny pressed aks balls tight and as he let go in pain , all his cum sprayed all over her hairs. She was able to save herself from swallowing his cum but it got sprayed all over her hair as she turned her head in other direction . Within seconds aks had ejaculated all over hair and shoulders. While aks stood there getting over from the orgasm he just felt, Jenny stood up and looked at him, then she grabbed her panties and clothes from the floor . She wore it in front of aks while he lifted up his pants. She then took her shirt from his chair and got fessed quickly while aks took out a cigarette from his pockets and lit it up. The office had a strict no smoking policy on this floor but he thought he deserved one drag. One cigarette won't even cause the smoke sensors to go red. He looked at Jenny as he puffed smoke in office air and smirked at her as she washed away all the sticky semen from her hair and shoulder through tissues and threw them always. She also stared at him with satisfaction and calmness on her face.

"So did I got the job?"

"Depends. You got what I said to you. Do what I say, be my bitch, and you will get what you needed "

"But who are you? You're just a manager here. Not like you own anything here"

Jenny couldn't believe herself that she was now negotiating Terms with this monster who just assaulted her. But what was done have been done. Time to be practical .

"Well that why I need a bitch like you. I have tasks for you. You do that for me and within a year you will have what you want and I'll have what I want "

"And what is that you want ?"

"With time baby, with time. For now start your job from tomorrow. And remember , no questions asked . If you think you can go out and tell anybody about what happened here, (aks held Jenny hairs in a tight knot and pulled them painfully) , I can make your life more hell than it is right now bitch. Now be a good girl and start doing what I want from you ."

As aks stated right at Jenny's face and can see the fear in her eyes. He can sense that his authority was sinking over Jenny and can feel that there won't be much resistance from her in future. She was listening to him like a loyal pet .

Jenny was just sitting and listening to him . All that frustration of last year has now broken her. She tried taking control of her life and she failed at it miserably . She was thinking now that it's better to follow someone who actually has a plan and maybe she will benefit from it later. She has failed miserably in life and needed someone to guide her now. She can see in aks eyes that this man had big plans for future and it's better if she does what he wants. Else she doesn't have anything other than pending bills and sad family wow Itmu for her .

"As you say aks . " She said with a defeated voice .

"Now get up and leave. You smell of sex and it's spoiling my office air. "

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